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    Where have all the good people gone !!

    I have been reading another site called team talk, i much prefer the fans on this one ! They are all calling for protests on Monday at the game, white flag waving, turning our backs when the players run out ! I had to turn off the WM phone in last week as i nearly crashed shouting at the radio, 'i've ben a seaon ticket holder since i was 6, i'm not getting one if Robson is still manager next season !'. All i have to say to these boo boys is #$%$ off and watch another team then ! I am as gutted about this season as the next fan, but lets get it into perspective, no one has died, there's always next season and what about the players getting some blame too...it's them that actually under performed on the pitch !

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    • didn't think you'd still be hovering around but they say the captain goes down with the ship eh.

    • west brom fans you are lucky you were relegated othrwise if youd finished half way up the league the fa would have poached robson for the englnd job the best way for the midland teams to suceed would be to unofficialy amalgamatwe resourses pool players physios taining coaching of youth players in the area and rebuild the strength of west midlands soccer into the power house of football it once was THERE are few decent british coaches look at MCLAREN FOR CHRIST SAKES LETS HAVE GRAHAM TURNER BACK oh i forgot hes got a coaching badge and certificate

    • Totally, Was up @ Everton on Sunday and Fair play to the WBA fans, had a cracking afternoon :@)

    • Cheer up, you'll be back. I haven't lived in England for a long time. Last time I was at Stamford Bridge my beloved Chelsea were in the old second division. Look at em now. I've been in the tropics since 1982 but have still followed my team. You're still there so, if you really support WBA, get down to the games next season and help to cheer them back up again.

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      • Unlike quite a few baggies 'fans' i would still be there if we were in the conference ! Although on a day like today (its been raining since 6am ! Grey and dull !) think i would quite like to swap with you, could do with some sun !
        I am sure i will see success chelsea style for the baggies in my life time ! Hopefully anyway !
        Thanks for your comments, it makes a change to get some support from big club fans !

    • Yes, I agree, let's face it the team have found their level. This means that it will be far more fun going to matches next season when you know that we have a much better chance of winning somthing, rather than being stuck in the premership in the knowledge that the best you can hope for is winning a handfull of games and avoiding relagation. Be honest the 2003-04 season was more enjoyable wasn't it.