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  • A Yahoo! User May 2, 2006 05:56 Flag

    Will the real baggies fans please stand up !

    Just got back from the game...more of the same, created chances, played okay,couldn't get the ball in the flaming net ! So the protests were by a minority of #$%$, i think the blame for this season should be shared - 50% players, 20% robson, 20% Peace, 10% fans (not all of us !!) In the second half the crowd livened up, surprise so did the players, we lifted them ! The idiots who shouted Earnie should be ashamed to wear their shirts, how many times HE DID NOT WANT TO PLAY FOR THIS CLUB, NEITHER DID KOUMAS !! Fans can't keep going on about it forever cos to be quiet honest they are boring genuine fans already. Boing Boing bring on next season !