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  • Hopefully the 'boo boys' at the end of the Southend game managed to hit a nerve with the board. Thank god that we wont have to put up with the inept decisions made by a bloke who has the passion of bag of cement. He had no idea which was his best team, couldnt make a substition to save his life, got lucky when we stayed up, got found out last season, has served up woeful football all season except for the first 20 mins of the Hull game,has no idea tactically how to organise players for set pieces, buys a goalkeeper who is at best lower division standard all because his mate 'fergie' wants our best keeper, buys players who have to be at least 30! And how does he treat the players - play 'rubbish' and we'll take you to Florida and Dubbi.
    For me - good ridance, lets hope the next manager can repair the damage