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  • Will Will Sep 28, 2006 08:42 Flag

    Taxi for Robbo

    Yep all fair points,

    Though I think we are a Premiership team in the Championship and maybe then we could consider the wages again. I don't want to get caught in the Championship forever. A promotion bonus of Premiership wages and spending budget. We have money in the coffers but Robson wasn't allowed to spend it.

    The more I think about Terry Venables the more I think he's worth a job offer.

    I'm just starting to get hacked off with Mr Peace, it seems he likes being in the limelight at the meerest hint of trouble there he is in the spotlight doing a song and dance. I think he just want to be like the Palace chairman/owner and on Football Focus all the time.

    If he appoints the wrong guy then I really won't be happy, plus there is the whole Director of Football that he is actively looking for and thats not really going to persuade an English manager in. I was for the idea when Robson had problems scouting, but now we have the chance to make a clean sweep and do without someone buying for the manager.

    If the next manager has problems or isn't the calibre we expect I think it's time to start looking higher.