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  • IAIN IAIN Oct 16, 2006 00:54 Flag

    the way forward

    I don't know how anybody else thinks but,now that Tony Mowbray has been appointed and we may get a bit more stability now.Also recently the defence has looked a lot better with McShane in it than Curtis Davies!!??,there was a lot less mistakes and dithering with Macca and Perry together.....
    and now according to the papers we are possibly going to go for Derek Riordan from Celtic in the January window,if so I hope Wigan come back with their cheque book for Ellington,he's been a major disappointment,he's trod on the ball more often than scored with it!!
    So from the sale of Davies & Ellington I reckon Mowbray can bring in one or two other faces as well as Riordan and then we will have a GOOD squad.

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    • Sell Davies now? Wait til we are in the Premiership again and sell Davies for closer to 15m than 10mil next January. Then we can make a squad from the profit from him alone.
      A decent goalkeeper is a good idea, I never liked Zube, I thought he must have improved as I can't get to games any more, but apparantly not.
      The best buy seems to have been Koumas! Not that it was much of a surprise to any of the fans.

    • How on earth can anyone contemplate losing Curtis Davies.
      He, along with Gera is the class wemust continue to build around.
      Let the squad now do what we expect of them. I want then to play football, when we play passing football, we are a much better side.

    • Have tosay i agree with your statement about mcshane and perry,Think we have to keep davies though cause i dont think Clement will ever cut it again. Anyone else think Albrechtson had a brilliant game as Centre back the other week? Funny how we spend all that money on him and then play him out of posistion all the time. Dont get me wrong he is an excellent right back but it isnt his posistion. Stil prefer him over Watson though! And yes Get rid of Ellington, what a waste of money he is! So lazy and unintrested!