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  • andrew w andrew w Oct 16, 2006 08:05 Flag

    A Shame Pearson Might Go

    I had thought he was the mastermind behind the recent better run of results and ALL because he like his number one did not get on with the Chairman we are probably taking the heart out of teh team IF M Venus replaces him
    Last two games 9 goals, this is what STRIKERS are meant to do, and Mowbrays ex boss here just did NOT have a clue about that
    As to selling players, YES would agree to sell Davies and Ellington if we can get about 11m for them, and then buy some more players as we are a little lightweight, we can give the clown in goal a free transfer too

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    • Pearson did EXTREMELY well. Considering all that he inherited from Robson was a backward looking team which prefered to defend and hope. He changed all that and showed the Baggies' true colours. He deserves a great big pat on the back and a glowing reference from all Baggies' supporters. May also I wish the best for his future. It will certainly be a great future ahead for him.

    • Yeah it would and probably will be a crying shame, make him the director of football, maybe he should go for the Hibs job.
      I want him at the club he is a good man, but anywhere he does go I certainly wish him well.