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  • Tony Bylo Tony Bylo Oct 25, 2006 05:44 Flag


    yes it is true once again. Here we have a team that it good enough to beat up on championship quality teams but can hold there own against a second string premiership team. Can't wait next year to see another 6 or 7 win season. Way to go boys...

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    • HMMMMMMM sad but true, i did not think our lads played that well tonight,
      I was shocked to see how much extra weight your players seem to carry, they were second to almost every ball.
      Why you bought hartson is beyon me and god? he will score goals to perhaps get you to the prem but he did not get a kick tonight against senderos and djourou, once clichy is fit, i doubt either of those two center halfs will figure much in our first team as toure and gallas will be our first choice.
      you have one quick defender and that was robinson, kamara is quick but i did not see much in the way of great saves by our keeper??
      denilson is 17 and turns out mostly for the boys team as does connolly and treore
      the future chaps is bright the future of ARSENAL

    • Yes the Arsenal youngsters were good,but they could have been beaten if our lot would have put some effort in!! Hartson hardly broke into a sweat,Davies needlessly gave away the penalty and if Greening hadn't fannied about so much with the ball....and lost it then gave away the free kick to give them their second goal,two stupid moments gave them their chances and they took them! Where as they were full of running we were lethargic in lots of places! and the team selection mystified me,the only plus point that I saw was that Russell Hoult was nearly back at his best and is still better than the Zubi,so if Mowbray was watching properly he should drop him on saturday for the blues game,hopefully Kev Phillips is fit to start alongside Kamara up front,drop Davies and put Perry alongside McShane,Robinson & Albrechtsen at full back,Gera,Koumas,Greening & Quashie (or Wallwork)in midfield,on the bench I'd have Luke Steele,Nicholson,Wallwork (or Quashie),Chaplow and Ellington (yes I know the last one is just because Carter got injured!!

    • How you can expect a Championship team to look good against a top Premiership team is beyond me. The top teams in the Premiership fixed the system a few years ago to ensure that the teams at the top then got the lion's share of the money from TV. Only a barmey millionaire or a foreign crook could plough enough money into a Championship team to make them competitive in the Premiership. The game has been ruined by the greed of a few clubs at the top.
      And by the way re. the fantasy football contribution from the Arsenal supporter - what ever happened to the good old tradition of supporting a local team!

    • I disagree, Walcott the most expensive teenager ever is just one of the players that Villa or Wigan or any other mid level Premiership team would be playing every week. They all have good players but Arsenal has a great squad.

      I'd rather lose to Arsenal now and get automatic promotion than Chelsea in a couple of rounds time and go through the lottery of the playoffs. The only important match this week is the Blues match where we hopefully can make up for the host of missed chances against them last time.