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  • Will Will Oct 30, 2006 12:54 Flag

    What happened?

    I think generally yeah we should ditch most of the older strikers and try to find some young talent up front, is Nicholson making the bench? Surely he could put in a better last 20 mins than Hartson? I guess when you want to kill off the game then Hartson can hold the ball up. Ellington is a sub as far as I can see play him only when you are forced to.

    I wonder what Zube and Hoult are doing in training is Hoult that bad!?? Least he has confidence and the players trusted hime when he played regularly. Zube must be amazing in training maybe he bottles it in front of a crowd?

    What formation best suts Kamara and Gera? Should we be going 4-5-1 with Kamara playing a roaming Rooney role behind the striker (Phillips?) and Gera in the Gerrard/Lampard role?