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  • Clive Clive Nov 1, 2006 06:33 Flag

    What happened?

    Yes. Yes. Yes.... Get rid of ZZZZZZuberbuhler and Ellington. Over paid, overweight and over rated!
    We actually pay to watch these who only give what they think they can get away with.
    The match is played to the whistle NOT 45 minutes each half, and that is why we struggle to keep up the upper end of the table.
    Just look at how many we concede just before the break and full time!

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    • Baggies Boing Boing whats the matter with u guys??
      its not ur strike force??
      its ur defence lol..
      alright u didnt score against us Birmingham but..
      u have scored much more than us..
      its the defence which needs to be attended to, i think its confidence really and dont keep on booing the players or hurling abuse at them for this takes away their confidence after all they r only kids they dont get any education after 16 so they need a cuddle guys..
      u guys have the best squad in the league..
      the only thing missing from ur team is confidence..
      look at Steve Bruce after u guys sacked Robbo He was against the ropes but he's a Battler and now look we have won 5 games on the spin and 4 clean sheets, just a few weeks a go we were 12 points behind Cardiff now it is only 3..
      if anyone bubble looks burst its Cardiff..
      Common Baggies Boing Boing we wanna go up together and bring back the pride to Birmingham :)
      and do the oo aahh to our neighbours lol..
      gr8 fans at the Albion.. :) Goodluck!
      Keep Right On!