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  • IAIN IAIN Nov 1, 2006 06:57 Flag

    what a shambles

    Well I don't know if any of the rest of you saw that shambles against QPR,if we had played half decent we would have buried them!!,Ellington only scored because their player deflected it into the net,the rest of the game he couldn't hit a barn door or control the ball....as usual,Kev Phillips should have been on from the start,he would in all probability have scored at least 3 from the chances the "Duke" missed....
    Curtis Davies was a waste of space in defence Perry had to keep covering him as he continually wandered out of position and hardly won any challenges all night,bring back McShane!
    and finally,you may say about time too!,Zuberbuhler needs a long sit on the bench,preferably the reserves bench as I think he should be our third choice keeper,he's so indecisive he frightens our defence to bits,he can't catch a ball,he's like David James when it comes to crosses and his positional sense is none existant!!,the three of them need to be dropped and Hoult,McShane & Phillips should start against Derby or we might as well give them a 2 goal start,yes?????

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    • I agree with replacing Zub and Ellington, and I have been saying for ages that there has been too much hype over Davis. He isnt as good as people think he is. Positionally he gets caught out, doesnt know what to do when he has the ball at his feet (although to be fair to him our forwards dont usually give him many options), occasionally leaves the ball and I dont think he is captain material. McShane is a far more accomplished player and always looks like he's in control.
      I was again disapointed with Walwork last night. Sooner Carter is fit the better.
      As for last night if you score 3 at home you should be winning the game, I thought that when we went 2 nil up there was some really good football played - perhaps too much football if you know what I mean. On another night we might have scored 6 or 7 but the deffending was poor.

    • Yes. Yes. Yes.... Get rid of ZZZZZZuberbuhler and Ellington. Over paid, overweight and over rated!
      We actually pay to watch these who only give what they think they can get away with.
      The match is played to the whistle NOT 45 minutes each half, and that is why we struggle to keep up the upper end of the table.
      Just look at how many we concede just before the break and full time!........... As stated on another message.

    • Didn't see it (now live in Tokyo) couldn't hear it (late matches on at about 5am) but it doesn't surprise me in the slightest! It's exactly what we were talking about in the last thread. Ellington must be so scared of the fans that he wimps out in front of a crowd, because he must perform in training to get picked same as Zuber-bungler.
      What were the balls like that he received? Are we finally supplying some along the ground for him to run onto? (the same as Earnie always needed)Or is it all aerial still? Does Kamara pass the ball or is he just going for glory (January transfer)?