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  • I agree with replacing Zub and Ellington, and I have been saying for ages that there has been too much hype over Davis. He isnt as good as people think he is. Positionally he gets caught out, doesnt know what to do when he has the ball at his feet (although to be fair to him our forwards dont usually give him many options), occasionally leaves the ball and I dont think he is captain material. McShane is a far more accomplished player and always looks like he's in control.
    I was again disapointed with Walwork last night. Sooner Carter is fit the better.
    As for last night if you score 3 at home you should be winning the game, I thought that when we went 2 nil up there was some really good football played - perhaps too much football if you know what I mean. On another night we might have scored 6 or 7 but the deffending was poor.