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  • IAIN IAIN Nov 5, 2006 23:30 Flag

    Time for a few changes???

    Well we did it again at Derby!! got in front absolutely dominated the game and threw it away because we can't kill teams off or defend crosses.....Mowbray has got to drop Curtis Davies as he's a liability at the back,he can't win a challenge in the air unless the opposition are less than 5 foot tall !! AND yes I'm still going on about Ellington.....yet again he missed at least one absolute sitter!!,get wise Tony he'd have problems scoring in a brothel!

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    • I agree, Hoult was the first change bring on the next. Did the defence look happier passing back and so on?

      Curtis needs to move on for his own sake, he feels like a big fish in a small pond now, and has stopped trying to improve as a player, I think if he went to a Champions league club he would get that extra spur to progress again. That would benefit England more than Albion though.

      How long have we been asking for a new striker someone of real class, when did we have 2 top scoring strikers, so when one isn't firing the other will be.

      Johnathan Parkin from Hull scored 6 in 13 games?
      Alan Lee from Ipswich 8 in 14 games?
      Kris Boyd - Rangers 8 in 11 games
      Ian Hulme Leicester 7 in 13 games?
      Grzegorz Rasiak - Southampton 8 from 15.

      Nathan Ellington - 4 in 14 games.