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  • gaffer gaffer Nov 11, 2006 18:54 Flag

    jesus....don't panic !!

    lads there are 30 games to go, we'll go up so stop panicing, little things can be improved but in the main its ok, lets get behind the lads on the field and the gaffer, this poor run is what every team has at some point , it might be a blessin that ours is so early, its not all doom and gloom !!!!

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    • I really really want to be with you on this I am just too nervous. Was Pearson the right man? Should Albion tried to keep him on? He knew the lads etc. Mowbray seems to know what he's doing he dropped Zube and went 3-4-3 to try and win but does he have the motavational skills?
      Mind you its a bit late to worry about that now, all the players want to leave for the Premiership and are just biding their time til January, please proove me wrong.