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  • Will Will Nov 22, 2006 08:04 Flag

    Who is having their last Hawthawns xmas?

    Yeah I could let Davis go he certainly would bring the bank manager to the door smiling. We would't get so much for Watson, even though his profile on Skysports shows he cost us 4 million and he was out of contract! Thats a million more than Earnshaw or Ellington. He's a good player but 4 mil, is a bit steep. Everton only bought him for 2.5.

    Hartson says he won't go, but Ellington would bite your hand off to leave, I think he doesn't like the place he's not scored so many (partially because Robson has had the ball hoofed up the pitch all the time) he's not in the premiership and doesn't seem to want to work to get back, and the fans get on his back and slag him off.