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  • Brian Damage Brian Damage Nov 28, 2006 22:05 Flag

    Must win match

    I agree 100%.

    I'm rather worried that we have a kid as a captain, and one who seems to want to moan that expectations are high, rather than get stuck in. Maybe Curtis would enjoy life more while warming the subs bench somewhere, like Kuschzak does at Man U?

    I've got news for Curtis - no matter where you play, expectations will be high. Fans demand nothing less than 100% effort and commitment. If you can't give 100% or aren't up to the challenge, clear off somewhere else mate.

    The real class players we had years ago like John Wile, Jeff Astle, Bomber Brown, Super Bob, Cyrille Regis etc. just got stuck in and gave nothing short of 100% every time they played.

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