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  • Will Will Nov 30, 2006 08:00 Flag

    Must win match

    I don't see the point off talking down Mobray yet he has only been manager for 9 games. Even if we had the best manager in the world he might not have gotten results from the players in 9 games. I can't remember it being said Robson was fire and brimstone in the dressing room. The players should get off their own arses and play the managers job is tactics etc. If the players can't motivate themselves for more than my annual wage every month or even week and they can't motivate themselves to get out of the second division then they should go somewhere that isn't ambitious and doesn't want to get promoted or play consistantly in the Premiership. They should set a 10 year plan Top half of Premiership vying for Europe in 10 years. Not unreasonable look at Wigan thats what they did.