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  • Will Will Nov 28, 2006 08:19 Flag

    Must win match

    Sheffield Wednesday is a must win. We will be getting out of the running if we aren't too careful obvious, but Curtis Davies is complaining "we are expected to go anywhere and win just because we are West Brom". In my opinion, yes if you can't win virtually everywhere in this league how are you ever going to go anywhere and win in the Premiership? Which is what we need to do because we can't expect to win all our home matches when Chelsea or Man U visit.
    This is the not the attitude to expect from the baggies captain, nor any baggies player I want them to go with victory in their minds not defeat in their hearts. Buck up or clear off. Start playing for the cause, and win for the baggies.

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    • It's terrible watching the Baggies. When you go to games you want to see effort, but, Mowbray just can't motivate. Get Pearson back.

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      • I don't see the point off talking down Mobray yet he has only been manager for 9 games. Even if we had the best manager in the world he might not have gotten results from the players in 9 games. I can't remember it being said Robson was fire and brimstone in the dressing room. The players should get off their own arses and play the managers job is tactics etc. If the players can't motivate themselves for more than my annual wage every month or even week and they can't motivate themselves to get out of the second division then they should go somewhere that isn't ambitious and doesn't want to get promoted or play consistantly in the Premiership. They should set a 10 year plan Top half of Premiership vying for Europe in 10 years. Not unreasonable look at Wigan thats what they did.

    • Well there you go the old Albion return. There will be an unconvincing run of draws and defeats followed by a last minute rally clawing their way into the play-offs. Rubbish - and Robbo got the push for less!!

    • You can't blame the players if the manager is worse that the one who he replaced. I didn't rate Robson, but he had more points from games played than Mowbray. we are going nowhere with a second class moaner.

    • I agree 100%.

      I'm rather worried that we have a kid as a captain, and one who seems to want to moan that expectations are high, rather than get stuck in. Maybe Curtis would enjoy life more while warming the subs bench somewhere, like Kuschzak does at Man U?

      I've got news for Curtis - no matter where you play, expectations will be high. Fans demand nothing less than 100% effort and commitment. If you can't give 100% or aren't up to the challenge, clear off somewhere else mate.

      The real class players we had years ago like John Wile, Jeff Astle, Bomber Brown, Super Bob, Cyrille Regis etc. just got stuck in and gave nothing short of 100% every time they played.