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    Curse of the Hawthorns??

    What is it with the strikers @ the albion?? why can they score loads for anyone else??
    Hartson...scored loads for Celtic..couldnt hit a barn door for us.
    Ellington...useless for us, yet 2nd highest scorin player in his last yr @ wigan.
    Phillips...has scored loads but looks lost for us.
    And look @ players that have gone...
    Kanu...scorin loads for pompey, why couldnt her for us?
    Jason Roberts...waste of time yet scored loads for Wigan in his 1st year there
    Ernshaw..(granted not given much ov a chance)..but again free-scorin for norwich.
    I look back at all the years and i dont think we`ve had a good strike partnership since Andy Hunt n Bob Taylor!!!!

    Wot on earth is the problem? even under diff managers its the same problem...why???

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    • I think it's because...

      Hartson hasn't really been fit since he arrived, and given a good run will score.

      Ellington could be really good if he wanted to be. Lazy and disinterested some him up perfectly at the moment.

      Phillips isn't the youngest anymore, but will probably still score a few this season, all strikers have bad patches.

      Kanu was a class player used badly. Robson played him up front on his own and lumped the ball at him. Great management. If you think about the amount of chances made for him to score, it's very very few. Before he went to the African Nations he was looking really good in a 4-4-2 with Ellington, and scored a few.

      I think Roberts just improved as a player when he moved, he always looked a lot stronger for Wigan than he did for us when he used to go down very easily.

      Earnie was quality and Robson wasted him. Was it 14 goals in a struggling team when he often started from the bench in the "Great Escape" season? We would have been relegated months before without his goals.