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    January sales ????


    After that great result against Coventry I'm not sure if Mowbray will have put the rose tinted glasses back on again,like after the Ipswich game....,but he does need to look at moving some on and bringing in players who want to play for us,not just pick up the money every week!!
    Ellington should be sold back to Wigan as I think they may come back for him in January,Davies should go to the highest bidder and then we should be looking at getting a GOOD striker in,not a decent one,as they don't seem to perform when they arrive and if,hopefully I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!,Curtis Davies does get sold we don't really need another centre half at the club as we have 5 other players who can play there,plus hopefully Thomas Gaardsoe,who I rate as one of the best centre half's we've had in the last 10 years,so we could strengthen elsewhere.
    I reckon our best eleven at the moment are : Hoult,Robinson,McShane,Perry,Albrechtsen,Kamara,Quashie,Gera,Koumas,Phillips & Hartson (but I'd like to see him replaced with a younger and fitter man) which could be played as a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3

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    • Ok I've been converted after all its Christmas, the time for miracles.
      In my opinion Curtis and Ellington should stay, Curtis definately I think that he provides excellent competition in central defence, it would have to be a very large bid to sway me now after the last 2 games Plymouth and Preston, maybe he's growing into the roll but he seems more confident. Plus he and everyone else knows that he is still so young but still outcompeting much more seasoned pro's.
      Ellington could go but he again is younger and fitter than our other strikers and may be hitting a vein of form. We should be looking at getting rid of the older players. Hartson I think is a bench player and should be used to hold up the ball when we need it.
      My choice to go is Gera before he goes the way of Gaardsoe.
      Wallwork would have gone if he hadn't been stabbed get well soon Ronnie.
      Watson, Perry, Phillips and Hoult are going to need carbon dating soon despite still being great professionals and ever presents, they are the type of player we need to move on. Personally I wouldn't sell any of them but I think they should be shuffled sooner rather than later.