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  • Well I've just heard that Gaardsoe has decided to retire due to his groin injury,shame that because I really rated him,he was a class central defender who could play the ball out of defence rather than just hoof it aimlessly up the pitch (not like the panic stricken Davies),I hope he has more luck in his future career seeing as his footballing one has been cut so short and just when he would be coming into his prime......if only Curtis were half as good????

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    • Although I feel verry sorry for any professional who has his career cut short Gaardsoe was at best average. I think Curtis is a much better footballer even if he is prone to a few mistakes and hoofing the ball away.
      Gaaedsoe always looked like he must be cold, pulling shirts off the other team to try and warm himself. Maybe the injury robbed him of his pace but he still didn't play football. I never once saw/went to a match where I thought he was the best player, though not always the worst.
      All the same good luck to him in the future, he may come back as an Albion manager one day.