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  • Mark Mark Dec 28, 2006 03:53 Flag

    Nathan Ellington's Brace Against Preston

    Anybody who booed and jeered when he came on as a sub against Preston care to apologise now after he won the game for us with his two goals? Home fans jeering when a home sub comes on...what a #$%$ disgrace. Hopefully his two goals that won us that crucial game will shut you all up. And you know who you are.

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    • Well its easier to blame the manager, but if Peace wont give the manager the money, then he can only make do with wot he has. And if half of wot the manager has dont wanna play n noone else wants em then the sack seems somewot inevitable.
      Id so love to know exactly wot was said between peace n robson when he left...bet it was exactly the same as the comments here.
      Peace has brought stability to the club but seems at the cost of its ambition...or should i say the ability to reach its ambition.
      Question is...wots the answer?

    • as I said before...Peace's choice of managers' leave a lot to be desired. Perhaps all he wants is a mouthpiece and whipping boy.

    • He is a disgrace!!

      He's never wanted to play for the club and is it any wonder he decides to try as the transfer window rolls around.

      Quashie / Gera / Albrechtson / Davies / Kamara are all the same!!

      We pay there wages yet they bleat on about playing for other teams.

      Davies is captain for god's sake yet says that if he's not sold he wont "Sulk or Scream".

      Well thanks for that Curtis, Who was the only team to take a chance on you?

      Gera is playing @ 20%. Who nursed you through your list of injurys Zolten?

      How come it comes down to Phillips and Hartson to put some pride into our team?

      I'd sell the lot of them, and bring in players who want to play for WBA.

      Davies: - Not as good as he thinks he is

      Quashie: - Good riddance to bad rubbish

      Albrechtson: - Watch Mcshane to learn how to be a RB

      Gera: - Sod off to Boro.

      Kamara: - What makes you think roma want you joe?

      Albion Season ticket holder Home AND AWAY for 17 Years.

    • Nobody booed and jeered 'The Duke' when he came on against Preston, we shouted 'Duke' as we always do, get yourself to the games and stop listening on the radio and you may realise this.

    • I didn't agree with the jeering either,but then again he did nothing to prove himself much....besides scoring (one was a stupid goalkeeping cock-up)and the other was a free header.....when he stops losing control of the ball so easily I'll think about it.....

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      • Maybe, now, you realise that the Preston game was a shop window for the guy.
        If we had wanted to motivate him to the same degree in previous games, maybe the club should have invited Wigan representatives to come to those games as well!

      • I am glad I couldn't hear that on the radio commentry its awful that anybody would heckle their own team member, are we letting in Wolves fans to make up the numbers?
        If you don't like it don't go.
        Anyone who boo's any squad member should try to go to work and get heckled and boo'd and see if they produce thier best performance. It's disgusting behaviour. People like that should grow up.
        A winning goal is a winning goal no matter how it comes you still have to be in the right place at the right time to get the shot in and on target. Ellington's contributions might make the difference this vital season.