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  • Will Will Jan 16, 2007 08:08 Flag

    Nathan Ellington's Brace Against Preston

    I think the players are just complaining becuase they've had some hairdryer not like mild mannered Robson, who in my opinion was a football version of a bleeding heart.
    I'm sticking behind the manager same as I did when Robson was manager. Least we will get players who want to play. It's working for Phillips and Hartson, the most experienced players, who've played under a lot of top class managers. They are the ones who really know what its like.

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    • Other things wrong:

      Jeremy Peace: Just before he sacked Megson there was a shareholders meeting which I attended, he actually asked whether fans would be that "bothered" if megson got sacked. When he received the majority of votes saying Yes, he sat down with a smile. And by the way, he refered to fans @ that meeting (And I quote) "Those plebs in the brummie road end" My father actually got up and walked out shouting "I'm a pleb from the brummie road end"

      The guy is a joke, he refuses to pay wages yet expects premiership football.

      E.G. Hasselbaink was in office after boro match (Kanu's miss!!) and peace would not pay wages so he didn't sign, same goes for Ugo.

      Until he goes we will never be a premiership team. we may get promoted, but we will always come back down

      I repeat (And mark my words)


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      • Wow interesting. I have never attended a shareholders meeting, but if the guy is that inept as to say something like that then he deserves to go.
        Peace has brought a lot of stability to the club we never have been in financial trouble with him at the helm.
        I am thinking we will have to risk something (not all) to get a reward. We want Premiership, we want safety by March?? Eventually we want to be in Europe. I'd take 17th next season as long as we are 15th the following one.
        Mr Peace needs to know you can't run a club on empty, just ticking over changing the manager to keep the heat off himself. You don't get something for nothing. The biggest "I" at the club could be Peace.