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  • You hear teams that are thrashin everyone say "we`re so used to winnin n its a good feelin"....unfortunately the albion are so used to losin away, they`ve done it remarkable well for the last few years.
    We have, arguably, the best squad in the division but if the lads dont believe they can win away then they wont. instead of the confidence they get from playin at home, they`re hessitant...n that hessitation is costly!
    So i think we need to bring somone in who is good enuff to make a difference, a bit of creative flair that can wake the team up a little rather than just grabbin somone just to make up the numbers.

    As for Gera...he was quite happy bein a west brom player when he was long-term injured. i lost any respect for him when, as soon as he was fit, he wanted a transfer.....what a waste of time and money. His transfer was denied so he cant be bothered to perform...AND DONT WE ALL KNOW IT!

    And i see the shock news that Ellington wants to go back to Wigan. Hardly surprising as he still lives there and has to travel down here all the time.

    So i say sell Ellington n Gera and get somone decent with the money instead of wastin it or linin the boards pockets!
    I guess this month is when we see wot Mowbray is really made of!