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  • Typical footballer! He puts in a transfer request (like others did too) cos he wants to play in the premiership and 1st chance he`s off.
    Ahhh the joys of loyal players that want to play for a particular team. If they`d got their finger out last year they`d all STILL be in the prem!!
    And if they get their away form to be half as good as their home form they will be in the prem next year and it`d be poetic justice if the hammers got religated n Quashie will be lookin for a new team again, and giving all that flannel again about wantin to play n help the club etc etc etc.
    Like most players these days all theyre really bothered about is their bank accounts.

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    • I think that money dictates everything these days. It effects players and supporters. Both need to be loyal, but I haven't been able to afford to get a game all season! and its £80 for my wife and I to go to a home game on a Saturday. I hope to can see them in the Prem next season though because I am optimistic and also proud of being a Baggies fan and when they drop their heads and play without conviction and belief in themselves, I shout at the TV just like I would be shouting from the stand at The Hawthorns. Ah such as life.

    • A player has every right to lookout for themselves. Remeber it is a business. And talk about just out for money!!! W.B.A. made how much in transfer money last year. And how much did they spend? Exactly!!!! Put out a team that is just enough to fill the stands and the #$%$ will keep pilling in and the club will rake in the doe. That's the WBA way. Wake up...

    • I agree they should be for the club a little more than they should be for themselves. It isn't ever going to happen, what would you do in that position? What are you going to say if you are stuck in a job you don't want to be in and another place, which is in a better position wants you and wants to pay you more. Plus sometimes they get to move to London or Manchester or Liverpool or nearer home. The job in Birmingham or the Black country or Norwich doesn't sound so great then.

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      • I agree its not ever gonna happen, and yes i also agree if i was that unhappy and a bigger team wanted me and wanted to pay more money i would prolly go.
        My objection is, last year it seemed a lot easier for certain players to just give up, and as soon as was religated slap in transfer requests sayin "want to play in the prem" before anyones even offered them a place elsewhere, rather than give all they had n do their best for their current employers who pay then stupid ammounts of money.
        But unfortunately its the harsh reality of what football has become.. all about agents and money money money. Few players really care about the club they work for.