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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 16, 2007 17:51 Flag

    Squeaky Bum Time for Mowbray

    With the "must sell to buy" policy poor old Melton should be worried about standing up. The overvalued passengers in the dressing room are now proving unattractive at the price tags around their necks or are not causing any interest at all. As was predicted it will take a good salesman to shift many of the hangers-on.
    The total of all the fees received for transfers this month wouldn't buy a decent player.
    Equally the boss has not yet cleaned out the disruptive "player power" element in the changing room, its time that he opened a bargain basement so that the has-beens on the pitch become have beens at the club.

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    • I backed Robson, but I wouldn't have him back now we have Mowbray. Melton has been doing well by my reckoning, good home form beats no form at all. Subs seem to be made at the right time but we do need to "rotate" some of the players out the exit door to get some who want to play and meake their names.
      Peace is saft not taking 3 mil for Ellington and 4 Mil is never going to happen. I guess he was thinking Wigan were desperate for him, with them telegraphing their interest from last year but Wigan aren't Chelsea. If he pulls it off and Wigan stump up he has balls cos I would offload Ellington ASAP. He doesn't want to play for us anyway.
      I think Earnie would be a fantastic signing and I think he would work really well with the team we now have. I don't think I would sign him though with his club history.
      Richardson would still be worth buying or maybe I am 6 months too early. I think he's a bet for summer IF we get promoted.
      We still need 1 pacy young striker keen to make his name and 2 younger players at the back to keep the older pro's up to muster.