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  • IAIN IAIN Jan 20, 2007 02:02 Flag

    Squeaky Bum Time for Mowbray

    I think Peace should have snatched Jewell's hand off with that £3million offer for 'duke' ?,I don't know what problem some of you seem to have with Albrechtsen either,he's the best right back we've had for a long while,McShane is too impetuous and gets caught too easily.Anyway what happened to the £12 million parachute payment we had from the prem???
    has that gone into Peace's back pocket??,we should be able to go out and buy at least a couple of decent players BEFORE selling anyone off!!,I think Peace should resign and we should get Megson back...at least he showed some passion for the team,Robson and now sad Melton just seem to stand on the touchline with a sad expression on their faces and not even motivating a rice pudding!!
    We need to see some movement in the next 7 days or we might even struggle to make the play-offs!
    As for Mr Wooton the poor sad Dingle that has to come on here to get a decent read....your lot have overachieved since August and the only way you should be in the play-offs is if somebody runs a raffle!!!