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  • So poor duke is stressed out over his potential transfer and has decided he's to ill to play for us. have to admit that I think Id be quite stressed working for a couple of hours a day (training) and then playing football for 90 minutes at the weekend and picking up 10k a week for it. Perhaps Ellington should try getting up at 6 in the morning, doing 10 hours hard graft, and picking up £400 a week for it - perhaps then he can complain about being stressed!
    As for his transfer, I dont see many clubs beating down the door to sign him!

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    • I agree Ellington should try doing a real job for 40 or more hours a week,not doing something that most us would love to do for free!!and stress NO CHANCE! he just doesn't want to play for us and the sooner Peace gets it into his thick head and offloads him to Wigan for £3 million the better and we can get on without him!

    • Peace want 4mil for Ellington because we want the former Hibs striker and now Lokamotiv Moscow striker Gary O'Connor who they want 3.9 million for. What has happened to Quashie's transfer cash already?? That plus Ellington for 3mil makes West Brom a quality striker? Maybe he has another transfer target but I hope something gets sorted soon.

    • It is totally disgraceful that a professional footballer earning God-knows-how-much per week should cite such a pathetic excuse for not playing for his team. Stress?! He doesn't know he's born! People with far more stressful lives and jobs turn up to work day in day out and turn out jobs well done.

      Never trust a player who won't play in winter without his gloves on...

      I've defended Ellington in public before and I regret it now. Let Wigan have him for 3 million I say. Any player who cites stress as an excuse for not playing just because of one transfer request and a piddling bit of speculation is not fit to wear a West Brom shirt.