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  • jez jez Jan 24, 2007 01:19 Flag

    Ellington - stress

    stress ?! STRESS he dosnt know the meaning of it !! i agree he is not fit to wear our shirt with pride. at least Gera is trying.................?

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    • Ditto.
      I was born just down the road (Sandwell Place, just off Halfords Lane in the late 40's, now demomolished, thank gawd.)Have followed my team through thick and thin, home and away, and can only agree that we want "Baggies Men" who give their all. I want to see the good times back and not the detractors who just turn up for their money.

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      • Lol i STILL live down the road, and ive been a baggies supporter as long as i can rememba, i even worked there! (n i wasnt on ellingtons wages either)!
        I agree (as i stated in a previous thread) that players now have no pride in their team n just want money (n even when they get it can`t be arsed to play). Maybe thats why theres no "legends" in the game anymore.

        Maybe players should be on "performance related" pay? ha ha How about strikers on peace-work?? Maybe ellington should be on a vastly reduced sick pay as hes so poorly??