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  • Lol i STILL live down the road, and ive been a baggies supporter as long as i can rememba, i even worked there! (n i wasnt on ellingtons wages either)!
    I agree (as i stated in a previous thread) that players now have no pride in their team n just want money (n even when they get it can`t be arsed to play). Maybe thats why theres no "legends" in the game anymore.

    Maybe players should be on "performance related" pay? ha ha How about strikers on peace-work?? Maybe ellington should be on a vastly reduced sick pay as hes so poorly??

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    • Pay per play. I like it. Every minute you play you collect 1/90th of your weekly wage. That would certainly get a lot more vying to be in the squad. Unpaid holidays wouldn't go amis either. 1 goal/10 crosses/10 blocks & tackles gets you a bonus of the minimum wage added on. Maybe we should put the manager and chairman on the same structure. Fans do hold the majority of the shares...