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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 25, 2007 06:35 Flag

    koumas.. best player outside the prem??

    Hes arguably our best player! wonder if Robson would still be in a job if he n koumas haddnt "fell out".
    I know they so-called kissed n made up at the start ov the season but i think by then peace had told koumas that robbos days were numbered anyways.
    i do think hes one of the best players outside the prem...am surprised we aint tried to sell him yet, or maybe peace is keeping him till the board need new cars!

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    • Koumas is pure class - when things are going well - and now that he's started to score goals freely he's our best player by a long way...

      It's interesting how there haven't been too many rumours swirling around him during the transfer window. He has a reputation of being an 'awkward' player. He wouldn't do what Robson wanted - e.g track back when needed - and I guess his unwillingness to stick to the game plan led to the friction between him and the ex-gaffer.

      I always thought it was madness to sell him to Cardiff. We'd be mid-table now if it wasn't for his goals, his touches and his vision. My only reservation is that he sometimes tends to go a.w.o.l when we're losing. When we're on top he often looks invincible. When we're behind he's sometimes invisible.