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  • Paul Robinson wants the yellow and green away kit 'burned', arguing that for some of the superstitious players it's becoming a reason for not playing better on our travels. When we won at Leeds it was in the black kit, etc...

    It only sounds barmy until you realise how superstitious a lot of - great - players have been. It would cost nothing, surely, to wear the black away kit all the time on the road. If anything helps, why not do it? If I was Mowbray, I'd listen to Robinson and do what he says. Can't do any harm, can it?

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    • I agree that we have chopped and changed our away kit so often that the players dont know who they're playing for! Players never had a problem in previous years and I like the green and yellow stripes it makes us stand out from the rest when we play away,they should feel proud to play in the same colours as some of our legends!!!

    • Sorry but seems to me like yet another excuse. A few weeks ago it was the coach trip that was causin the away "curse" so they jumped ona plane n still lost.

      Talkin about the strip tho, its funny how the home strip has never really changed, its always been minor variations of the "traditional" blue n white stripes.
      Yet look over the last few years at all the different away strips we`ve had since we stopped usin the traditional green n yellow. Maybe they lose away cos they change the away strip so much the players cant remember wot colour their team mates are playin in this week?

      The board always go on about the clubs long tradition so why dont they stick to the traditional colours for the strip?
      still...i guess its yet another money makin scheme to get us to buy half a dozen different replica away strips?