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  • Zuberbuhler unsettles the back four - jittery enough on our travels, as it is - when he's between the sticks. This is a serious problem and Mowbray doesn't have long to sort it. Wasn't he after Brad Jones at some point? Whatever Hoult did, it must have been serious for Melton to drop him two days before the Wolves game...

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    • Go to www.thesun.co.uk and put in Russell Hoult in their search engine. He was video'd "inflagento".

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      • i'm unsure about Zubi. I no hes a disgrace, i'm a season ticket holder and have seen his kicking and crossing. However he muust b ok cus he didn't concede a goal at the world cup and robbo signed him and put him straight in. Maybe this is the chance he needs. Moowbray dropped him to sort himself out. I just hope he plays well and makes 99% of Albion fans rong. I must admit i did boo when his name was red out and cheered when he kicked straight because he was terrible but he mite cum back stronger.