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  • Brenton Brenton Jan 28, 2007 19:42 Flag

    How can I listen to match?

    I live in Australia and I want tp listen online can you help?

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    • Go the BBC website - http://www.bbc.co.uk/fivelive/listings/day.shtml?day=today - and near the top-right corner, click 'listen live'.

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      • I live in Tokyo and I find that the bbc websites and mostof the local radio except the occasional one logs your ISP or IP address basically detecting where you are listening from so you can't hear. BRMB will let you listen if you know a valid postcode for instance B71 4LF, which is the Hawthawns postcode. Although BRMB don't often have great commentry especially of the Albion. I use the streaming live radio commentry on the West Brom page but it costs from 2.99
        Thats the sign up page. I am trying to sort out the free streaming TV channels over the internet but I spent a couple of hours trying to watch us beat the Wolves last night and I didn't manage it yet.
        Fortunately I still heard us kick them on their own patch.
        Good Luck!

    • what team do you want to listen to