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  • Will Will Feb 3, 2007 23:08 Flag

    Typical Albion

    ...touch wood we go up the less said about champions the better. Anything will do me.

    I have also defended Ellington as I would any player of ours we need to give our confidence not knock them.

    Ellingon's attitude has been shockingly poor, I hope he gets a loan out of the place cos I can't imagine he's very popular at the moment. If you cry to the teacher expect to get bullied. The only reason he hasn't been in the team is he doesn't score and he doesn't create goals. If you scored duke you'd play, every week! What we got now ain't broke so...

    On the Thompson front, this is another reason I want Peace out sooner rather than later. If we get promoted Peace please leave on a high. I want us to have real Premiership players all through the team, the only way is to pay Prem wages. I want to say Peace out but it sounds like an American hippy leaving. Peace out, not peace out.

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    • please dont forget that he had the bottle to ship Robson and change it!
      and we are financially secure!

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      • Yep I have commented both aspects of his premiership in other threads, but I think its time the fans spoke. Either he changes tack or we change him. Small shareholders (i.e. fans) hold 60% of the shares in Albion. It takes more than great players to play consistantly at the top, it takes world class players and Peace won't ever pay for them. Maybe if he explains why he won't pay these wages I would listen but he is too arogant for that.

      • I don't think it took much bottle to lose Robson it was a case of get rid of him before the crowd called for Peace's head!! and when he brought in Mowbray he opted for the safe choice not somebody who can give the players a good kick up the #$%$ when it's needed,not like Melton molly coddling Ellington like he is at the moment!It would be nice to see some real obvious changes to the teams attitude and the way they play.