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  • How typical, the word on the grapevine is that Thompson signed for Rangers from Hib's because when Albion spoke to him we offered less basic wages than he is already on!!

    When will we learn that a cheap, low paid player 99% of the time will not help you out of this division.

    As for Nathen Hellington, what else did you expect? I hope that guy who left a thread asking us to apologise after preston will now apologise to us??

    Just 2 points:

    1: If we go up, will gera, kamara, albrechtson be happy? Will they still stick to there words and leave us. If we get promoted and wigan come down will ellington still want to leave?

    2: I'm great friends with a reserve team player, he has told me that Robinson and Carter got into a kerfuffle with Ellington, apparantly "The Duke" has been bleating on about his lack of 1st team opportunities to the papers and Robbo and Darren took offence and told him to keep schtum!!

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    • Hate to correct people, but us (The small people) do NOT own 60% of the club. Peace is the owner of a company that owns over 90% of the club, hence when they purchased over 90% they legally had to make an offer for all remaining shares. When this offer was received it had a letter attached off peace saying he did not want to buy the remaining 10%!!

      Jeremy Peace views this as a business venture (Much the same as souness does at the dingles), he wants to get us promoted on a shoestring before the money alters.

      I will never support a player who has never acknologed the crowd when he scores (Thats you Mr Ellington), remember phillips reaction after luton? Compare that with ellingtons after preston.

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      • Ok if I'm wrong I'm wrong, I misquoted even then. The website I got my information from was http://www.baggies.com/shares/ and it says:
        "At the moment, just under half of the issued shares in WBA Holdings are held by the Chairman, Jeremy Peace, and a few per cent by the other Board members. The remainder are held mainly by supporters, some of whom invested during the Rights Issues that took place during the 1990s."

        The fact remains we want proactive investment into the clubs playing staff.

    • I am big enough (and ruddy well old enough, some may say), to admit I may have been wrong about Mowbray. If he can generate enough enthusiasm to keep winning and keep us "up there. Good luck to the fellow and long may he keep it up.

    • I've already said on another thread - I forget which - that I regret defending Ellington, given his pathetic attitude to the club during the transfer window.

      No apologies are owed to anybody who boos their own subs when they come on, though...

      But hey ho, what the hell...boo if you want if you think it helps. Me, I've been cheerin' - we're on a run, we stuffed the dingles, we're about to overtake the Blues, and we're going up champions, I reckon...

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      • ...touch wood we go up the less said about champions the better. Anything will do me.

        I have also defended Ellington as I would any player of ours we need to give our confidence not knock them.

        Ellingon's attitude has been shockingly poor, I hope he gets a loan out of the place cos I can't imagine he's very popular at the moment. If you cry to the teacher expect to get bullied. The only reason he hasn't been in the team is he doesn't score and he doesn't create goals. If you scored duke you'd play, every week! What we got now ain't broke so...

        On the Thompson front, this is another reason I want Peace out sooner rather than later. If we get promoted Peace please leave on a high. I want us to have real Premiership players all through the team, the only way is to pay Prem wages. I want to say Peace out but it sounds like an American hippy leaving. Peace out, not peace out.

    • Is he the only one who is marching in tune to the band? Seems like it.