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  • fair enough he might not do it week in week out but if and when we go up he will be a vital asset as he has experience and a good record and with kamara leaving unless money is spent on a new striker i dont think we are going to be able to depend on phillips and harston to get us the goals we need in the premiership

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    • Still cant see how you can regard duke as an asset especially when youve said that he doesnt do it week in week out. If we do get promoted I dont see him as an asset if he has a season like he already has. Do you honestly think he will change if we go up? I agree that hartson and phillips will struggle (especially Hartson), and unfortunately I also agree that Kamara will probbaly leave. however he should attract very good money as he has 3 years left on his contract. I think it still shows that one area we will have problems with is upfront. If we could keep Kamara i doubt if the board will put up much money for a striker to play along him. If he does go, who would we buy? cant see many 20 goals a season striker for 2/3Million.

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      • fair enough he has had a poor season but hes got a goal in every other game that hes started on the big stage of the premiership he has the experience and knows how to play in the highest league, he might not get 20+ goals next season but he wont be far off. I think that we will get more for kamara than 2/3million which will lead to an oppurtunity to sign a big striker who can partner ellington. Harewood? Hasselbaink?(if charlton go down) Camara? King from watford