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  • Having been at the match, the tackle was no more than a yellow card, and if youre saying Parnaby nearly got his leg broke he made a remarkable recovery! Would have been interesting if it had happened the other way - doubt if the ref would have even given a foul, judging by the way he was refing. But I guess thats what you get as a Championship side with a prem side in town, all and I mean all the big descions going your way. Summed it up when Carter was booked for diving when hes through on the keeper (dont think he even claimed for a foul) while Viduka spends most of the match on his arse as soon as he feels Clem or Davies breathe on him. Riley even tells Vid to get up on at least 3 occasions and still doesnt book him! Nice to know the prem refs havent changed since we were relegated, (14 fouls by you lot and no cards, 11 by us 2 yellows and a red) and Im suspecting it will be the same if we go up.

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    • one rule for the premiership, one rule for the rest. viduka should have been booked on numerous occasions, their keeper should have walked for handling out the area (ref looking at linesman - whats goin on there ?) not having much luck with refs are we.

    • If thats how you react to getting beat by a prem side, then i expect quite a few postings on this site next season if you go up!!
      How can a 2 footed lunge (both feet in the air!!) making contact on a players standing leg be a YELLOW card?? I didnt see any Albion player arguing the red card with much enthusiasm, whilst Ellington didnt look surprised at the red either!!
      As for Vid being on his arse, it was even better seeing him on his FRONT at the celebration slide when we won!!!
      So much for it being an easy game for you at the Hawthorns lol
      COME ON BORO..........

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      • Ok, having seen the challenge by duke on tv I will change my opinion. It was a red card challenge and will take it on the chin. As for the rest of my comments I stand by them.
        Big descisions effect games, and at the moment officials get them wrong! Prem clubs get the big decisions again 'lower' opposition, Man u, Arsenal and Chelsea get all the big descisions in the Prem and struggling clubs get nothing.