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  • michael h michael h Mar 2, 2007 02:43 Flag

    Shame on you

    Third biggest team in the north East??
    How many trophies have the other two won recently, and how many finals have they attended recently??
    I work with a 49yr old Geordie, who has supported them man and boy, and NEVER seen them lift a trophy! I have a 9yr old son that was at the Millenium Stadium to see us lift a trophy, so as you measure success in recent glories(NOT 50yr old PLUS glories!!) WHO is the largest team???
    On the other hand, id rather be classed by you as the 3rd team in the NE and be in the Prem league and FA cup than be the equal 3rd team(with Wolves!) in the West Midlands stuck in the championship and knocked out of the FA cup!!

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