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  • Will Will Mar 10, 2007 13:03 Flag

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    I wanted to start a message as to why Darren Carter isn't starting, he seems in form and better than last weeks lousy attempt at a midfield. I would put him in over Chaplow to at least shake up Chaplow. But I can't because there is no start new topic button! Bloody more frustrating than Albion.

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    • I agree, chaplow has improved vastly, however, he continues to needlessly give the ball away, carter on the other hand is far more productive and attacking, against wolves, (who are an improved team in the 6 weeks since we last kicked there #$%$)i would play koumas in a more attacking position, with Gera and Greening on the wings with Carter in the middle. Gonna be a close game, a 6 pointer.