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  • Will Will Mar 14, 2007 07:05 Flag

    Praying for Angel?

    Don't know about Angel, would be interesting how it pans out. If Peace shells out for his Colombian wages then I'll be amazed.

    As for Wolves I'll take 6-1 for the year. Though it has highlighted what has happened people have started sticking 2 on Koumas and Kamara and they are finding it hard to get through, which they did at the start of the year which is one of the reasons I think we had such a poor start. We really need the wingers to start beating people and supplying more in, just so it isn't as obvious that quality ball will be coming through Koumas. Have I missed something was Koren playing at Wolves if not why not?

    Finally, Thank Christ they fixed the messageboards.

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    • MUST win game tonight, hopefully they will play with confidence, which will set up the Blues match nicely. The title is still easily with reach and we have got an easy run in after blues. Koren wasnt playing on Sunday, time to bring in Carter instead of Chaplow, bit more grit in midfield. As for Angel, wouldnt waste the wonga on him. Just imagine wolves in the play offs, what are the chances..................