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  • Loz Loz Mar 16, 2007 16:41 Flag

    Scrap the crazy penalties idea

    As you may be aware, the Football League is considering bringing in penalty shootouts to decide the results of drawn matches. Apparently, some of them think it will make things more "exciting".

    If this goes through, it'll kill the game. It would mean mo more hard won points away from home, no more last minute equalisers. It could even lead to teams digging in for the last few minutes of a game and gambling on winning the shootout rather than sending players forward.

    If, like me, you feel this idea needs to be nipped in the bud, then please sign the petition and promote it on any message board or mailing list you belong to. Let's tell the League to keep their draws firmly on!

    Story here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/6452013.stm

    Link to petition here: http://petitionthem.com/default.asp?sect=detail&pet=3763

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    • May be good news for the older players as teams would bring on a penalty taker at the end of the game if a shoot out was inevitable. Old players in their 50's would come on for the last 5 minutes or so, we might even get to see Tony Brown make a comeback.

    • Penalty shoot outs!!! we can't even score from them half the time!
      What is happening to our season? has Mowbray lost the plot,against Brum he goes and takes of Gera & Koumas two of our most threatening players yet leaves the donkey (Ellington) on for the whole game!!! even we can see that he would have a problem scoring in a brothel!!! even if he was the only customer!It's time for Peace to stand down and Mowbray to drift back into the quiet backwater of Scottish football.......

    • Penalties in the league is a stupid idea.
      If they wanna make football more entertain how about u get 4 points for a win if u score 5 more goals than the opposition. it`d stop teams goin 2-0 up n sittin back for the rest ov the game makin it dull n depressin and teams that are 4-0 down will keep fightin.

      Just a fort :o)

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      • Penalties is a STUPID idea so stupid I can't believe it's real.
        I've always thought that there should be a promotion relegation playoff, the team 17th in the Prem vs the playoff loser. It would give more interest to the majority of the prem who are just playing for points by making them a bit keener to do well and would give the half decent Champ teams a last chance. Maybe put 17th place in the playoffs too. They do it elsewhere I think in Aus, maybe here in Japan too.