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  • Clive Clive Apr 8, 2007 03:31 Flag

    Defence falling apart!

    1 win in the last 8
    Says it all.

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    • The commentry made a great point on the Albion World commentry last night (my time). Where the hell was the brains in the team we kept trying the same thing all running in straight lines all night. For 10 grand a week (at least) they should be clever as well as just fit.

      No one was controlling the defence, although Robinson couldn't because of the 9 yellows. Sodje should have been off as soon as he was injured because from then on chaos ensued as noone knew if he could or couldn't cover.

      We haven't had a Roy Keane style powerhouse in midfield since McInnes 4 years ago. Someone who "takes the game by the scruff of the neck". Name any current player who tackles back, provides accurate crossfield balls, constructive forward balls and runs all day. Could you apply that to any of our midfielders?? Maybe 1 attribute to each player.

      Do we have anyone who can go past 2 or 3 players? Maybe Kamara but he was sick, so why put him on the bench? If he was so sick stay home.

      The best player was Hodgkiss because as well as playing the defensive roll:
      1, He looked like he wanted to be there and win
      2, He used his brain and didn't just run at the 8 or 9 players across the 18 yard line and he crossed the ball and got around the back.

      Our players never immagined that trying to flick the ball over or have a shot from in front of the 18 yard line for the hundredth time might not work. Greening always makes it look hard work to go past one person let alone 2 or 3.

      Koumas hasn't played despite being on the pitch since having his ego inflated with player of the year.

      With Greening in the middle, Koren on the right and Koumas on the left plus Albrectsen and Robinson good crossers of the ball, why were the best crosses coming from Hodgkiss
      Why were the 2 forwards standing on the left wing to receive the ball, what is Koumas thinking? They haven't just come for a chat.

      The ref didn't help but we have to help ourselves first.

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      • All very true, but we have to accept that they have erected barriers to promotion through mental frailty, as you suggest. Melton has tried, but too late and without the "tools" to overcome the 7 point defecit at the turn, now he's 10 points off the top, there just isn't the quality as a team to overcome the hurdles. It is now time to be thinking of another attempt next season, with a squad they are keen to play for the Baggies and stand a chance of staying up when they get there, the current bunch would just be an embarrassment. Time to be putting crosses against a few names, looking for new blood that can be moulded into a cohesive unit and stop beating ourselves up on not achieving what is beyond the current set-up. Reality.