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  • David David Apr 9, 2007 02:09 Flag

    Defence falling apart!

    All very true, but we have to accept that they have erected barriers to promotion through mental frailty, as you suggest. Melton has tried, but too late and without the "tools" to overcome the 7 point defecit at the turn, now he's 10 points off the top, there just isn't the quality as a team to overcome the hurdles. It is now time to be thinking of another attempt next season, with a squad they are keen to play for the Baggies and stand a chance of staying up when they get there, the current bunch would just be an embarrassment. Time to be putting crosses against a few names, looking for new blood that can be moulded into a cohesive unit and stop beating ourselves up on not achieving what is beyond the current set-up. Reality.