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  • Brian Damage Brian Damage Apr 11, 2007 15:55 Flag

    Does Mowbray want to go up??

    "We haven't won any players against the likes of Birmingham because he won't pay the wages."

    If you're referring to Rowan Vine, then it was Mowbray who wasn't prepared to go his own valuation of the player, not JP. Paying over the odds for January transfer window players is not good business, it smacks of desperation. All this talk of "Peace should go" is ridiculous.

    I hope Peace stays for a good stretch, we will have financial stability and in Mowbray we have a manager who wants to play flowing football. Anyone who things TM is the same sort of manager as Robson needs their head examined.

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    • Rowan Vine is just the latest player in a long line of players he hasn't forked out for, Ugo Ehiogu before him and Hasslebaink. According to a post on here by someone else he has had "big name" players in the office and just wouldn't pay the wages so they didn't sign.
      Is financial security all we want, I think we should be aiming for Premiership security and financial security will follow. I don't think we should risk all but aim higher.
      Peace works for a company which owns/runs West Brom and they want a dividend so security and the status quo is all they are happy with. The best dividends for them will come from being in the Prem but they don't seem to want to put the cash in now to reap the rewards later.
      Mowbray is a good mananger I like the way he wants the team to play and I think he makes subs at the right times. No complaints with him myself.

    • Spaffo are you watching the same games as me or just reading Mowbrays programme notes???