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  • IAIN IAIN Apr 13, 2007 03:37 Flag

    Does Mowbray want to go up??

    Sorry if I've upset you but I say as I see and also reflect the views of all the other season ticket holders that I sit next to at every game,when was the last time you were here or saw a game?

    • Is taht some kind of cheap shot! It obviously says Tokyo on my location, I was going to buy a season ticket this year but work had me move here. Even then I went to a couple of games at the begining of the season. If I get chance I will be there at the playoffs or at the first games of next season. This all still doesn't stop me watching the games broadcast on TV and we get more Albion matches here than I ever saw on TV in the UK. As well as listening to the commentry through Albion World online.
      My opinions are formed by hearing seasoned broadcasters opinions, watching matches and talking to season ticket holders and fans as well as yours though it might be online rather than at the match. Not just a few who you sit by week after week. They are ones from all over the ground.

      Don't question my opinions or match habits, question if Championship football is all you want from Albion next season and if you think the players will hang around to play it.