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  • R R Apr 17, 2007 06:11 Flag

    Does Mowbray want to go up??

    I agree that Megson returning would be a good move. This will only happen if Peace sells the club to a more positive individual. Peace wanted a smaller squad and now we are paying the price. When we got promoted with Megson we had a Squad of 33 we now have a squad of 22!!!! The majority of these being simple mercanaries. Mowbray and Venus are out of their depth. Mowbray,s team selections are weird. The club has moved backward with Mowbray at the helm. You only come out of this league if you are willing to battle and are solid in defence. Our defence is the worst for five years. Its okay playing attacking football if you dont concede goals as cheaply as we do. The laid back attitude of the players comes from the management. Venus was quoted in the papers as saying that it did not matter if we won or lost the games over easter!!!!If these games were of no importance will Peace give me a refund of 2 games on my season ticket?????Mowbray said that he did not critice the players at half time against Stoke because there was no point!!! Once again am i entitled to a refund!!!!