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    Get off their Backs


    I am the biggest moaner when it comes to Peace and Mowbray, Ellington is a waste of space, koumas thinks he's better than he is (Also - Davis, Gera) Kamara is NOT a premiership player (Remember our last spell in the top flight, he was terrible - Ask any pompey fan as well)

    But Wait..............

    I was fortunate to be in the directors box against Stoke, after watching that horrible start I was disgusted as the next fan, but after the game Mcshane (Man of the Match), Robinson (Stand-in Captain) and Davis (Limping along!) all came up to the boxes to apologise and also to offer some sort of explanation.

    Robinson / Clement / Sodji - All playing with injuries

    Kamara / Koumas / Phillips / Mcdonald - All struck down by virus. Kamara hadn't trained all week and was being sick at half time.

    After listening to the players explanations and reasons and seeing how much it meant to them, i'm changing my opinion of Melton and this bunch of players.

    Davis was heartbroken about not being able to play in the run in. Did you know he was going to Norwich off his own back and had arranged for someone to take him?

    Mcshane was quiet but the one thing he said stuck better than everything else that was mentioned.

    I simply asked him if he thought we were going up. He replied "Yes" straight away, I started to say how we had blown our chances of automatic promotion and he interupted me and said "One way or another, were going up"

    Straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

    So lets get behind the lads and roar them onto the premiership, whichever way we get their lets just make sure we do.

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