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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 23, 2007 17:23 Flag

    Where do we go from here?

    Rofl @ Alladyce! Outstandin manager...but why would he want to come to the albion?? granted he complains about financial restrictions @ bolton, but that would be nuffin compared to our wonderful scrooge chairman.

    For woteva reason, no top manager wants to come to the albion. look @ the last 20 yrs or so, they unveil managers n my 1st reply is usually "WHO???"

    for me, jury is still out on Mowbs, i think he`s a bit ov an idealist rather than a realist, n realisticly we need to win games by woteva means!

    AND for gods sake will somone let Chris Perry play!!! hes a damn good player yet hes left to rot whie Mowbs crys about no defenders