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  • Will Will Apr 21, 2007 14:15 Flag

    Amazing Revelation!!!!

    If all true and accurate that is a damning indictment of Peace.
    Although I can see why Peace wouldn't have wanted an untouchable manager it does seem that if someone is willing to pump money in for only a small percentage of the shares you should take it especially if the offer is higher than your valuation. It depends whether Robson wanted 49% or 4.9%. I'd say for £70m he would have wanted around half of the club especially as the club made a loss last season.
    Maybe we should have had Robson as Director of Football with Mowbray managing. Robson was a big draw for players coming to the club.

    I wonder if any of you guys who know people at the club know which mananger they prefer? Robson or Mowbray or even Megson? They would say that they are very different and don't compare to the papers but what do they really think?