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  • First of all well done to the boys for getting to the Play Off's. Let's not forget that apart from Derby having a freaky season the 3 teams that came down have finished in the top 4, we just were not consistent enough to be in the top two.

    Good Luck to them I honestly think we've got a great chance of going up.

    One Negative Point (Only 1 I hear you say!!) Think the Duke may have decided to pull his finger out because Wigan look odd's on to come down, so the baggies may be his only route back into premiership.


    • If the only negative point is that a expensive player (for us) has decided to play for a change, I can only see that as a good thing on the whole. Also I thought Gera looked lively too, maybe he's thinking shop window. Great to see Jared Hodgkiss on too, committed player all season, nice to see for a change.

      Did anyone see Koren's goal really well, on the TV it was hard to tell whether it was his back foot he scored with or if it was a flick off the side of his front foot. Either way I was impressed. Great first goal for the club. Still say he's our best buy of the past few seasons.